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 Cracker Jack Blackjack   I

Join in the most exciting promotion ever! You Can Win Up To $250,000 Instantly! There are more than 120,000 instant prizes! Follow these easy steps to win:

MSN Gaming Zone - The MSN Gaming Zone is the most popular and comprehensive gaming site on the Internet. Jump into the Zone and start playing over 50 games with thousands of people all over the world for FREE. The Zone also offers News, Chats, Hints/Tips, Downloads and Tou

GameLand Play The Javascript Checkers Javascript Checker Game! Mouse Click On One Of The Red Checkers Then On The Space You Want To Move It Too!

CenterScore Nice new site with games such as buds, Icetris, Sector 7.

Treasure Hunt - Win Free Prizes - A free internet treasure hunt. The game is simple. Find the treasure and you win a free prize.

Play Trivia Blitz For Prizes - Test your general trivia knowledge against the clock to win Weekly Prizes!

Card Trick - Coolest card trick I have ever seen. I still can't figure it out.  

POSTER CLICK PAGE The object of the game is to find the poster...It could be 'hidden' anywhere! Winners get a free poster.

MSN Mummy Tomb Find the golden shovel and get a chance to win a prize. Over 1,000 prizes.

Math contests for cash prizes! Featuring License Plate Math - Play math games and win money! Choose from one of three entertaining math games, or play them all. A weekly cash prize of $25 is awarded. License Plate Math is the most popular game, and it's a game that can also be played while on the road.

FREE Furbies – from! - Win a Free Furby at It’s easy to register and there are lots of chances to win!

Web Wheels For matching and you win a T-shirt. I won here the T-shirt is cool. I won a really cool T-Shirt for them.

SHAKE THE TREE III Shake the right number of apples of the tree at Mott's and win a Mott's t-shirt.

SabBOWL-II by Steve A. Baker . Bowling You have about a minute to put on your goofy shoes, while I load the sound effects. Get ready for the first 'in-your-face' internet bowling experience. And you don't have to drive to your local bowling alley to get it.

Turbo's Icebox Page Free the Gold Coins Score Points By Breaking Ice Blox Avoid The Flames Push Ice Blox Against Flames  To Extinguish them

Gozilla vs. Tamagotchi  Godzilla vs. Tamagotchi is the kind of online shockwave game that speaks to the "inner child" who just escaped from a maximum-security juvenile detention facility.

The Shogi Page Shogi is a Japanese board game resembling chess in many ways.


Shockwave Land of the Lost Puzzle I loved this show when I was a kid.


Hunt the Wumpus In this game you hunt the wumpus monster. The wumpus lives in a cave with interconnected rooms. Your goal is to shoot the wumpus before it eats you or you meet with some other untimely demise.

A game from Stairwell Studios - It's Stare Down Sally! Something really  really dumb out stare Sally : )

Jurassic Park: The Adventure    


Happy Puppy - It's all games This is one of my favorite sites. It is so well done. They also have some prizes here. I won a really cool space ship from here.

The Jeapordy, Wheel of Fortune, Napoleon. Out of order, Take 5, The Dating Game, Chain Reaction, Tanarus, Chron x, EverQuest, Fantasy War etc. . .

Excite Games: Online Games  You name it they pretty much have it!!!Board Games  Backgammon - new! Chess Checkers Word Games Crosswords Jumble - new!  Sports Crossword WordSearch Card Games Euchre Hearts Solitaire - new!  Spades etc... NEED A BOOK Check out

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