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"Be not ashamed, women,  your privilege encloses the rest  and is the exit of the rest; You are the gates of the body and you are the gates of the soul." - Walt Whitman

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One-O-One - A Holistic approach to infant health. Infant Massage classes for parents and professionals. Certified Instructors, information, conferences, books and videos. Premature baby clothes & developmental products for neonatal intensive care. Pregnancy Massage.

Women's Health Interactive - providing inform... Welcome! This is an interactive learning environment that facilitates the exchange of information among all participants; promotes learning; and motivates individual proactive response.

Health World-Acupressure for Menstrual Cramps C HealthWorld Online

Pregnancy & Childbirth Information - Childbirth... Welcome to Pregnancy is a very special time in a person's life. Educating yourselves to be good consumers, knowing your options, and how to provide yourselves with the best possible care are essential to a healthy pregnancy. Enjoy the many links of educational, informational, and personal nature.

Guide To Women's Health Resources A guide to Women's health resources in the internet

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The Complete Women's Herbal  This is a great book for all women.So many books and research studies are based on men and they don't take into account that a women's body is different with different health and herbal needs this book does and in an ever so well way. As a women this book has truely been a jewel in my life. It covers all  bases for women it is complete, detailed and easy to use and loaded with good information.  Some of the chapters you will find are, about herbs, well women, puberty (and this would be a great book for a young girl to REALLY understand how her body works), menstrual cycle and some great tips on how to help PMS, those herbs have sure helped me, preconception and fertility, pregnancy and child birth, postnatal care and mother hood, breastfeeding and infant care, adult life and menopause, later years, first aid, healing yourself, herbs for beauty, housekeeping herbs, herbs and ailments, where to find herbs, and  this is just some of the information you will find. It is 287 pages of superb wisdom for women. You will be blown away by it like I am almost everytime I open it up to look something up.

Here to purchase The Complete Women's Herbal 20.00 plus shipping and handling

There is an amazing array of books on Natural Health at and any book you order from my link I earn a small associates fee that helps keep this page and others like it going. Enjoy your search and good health to you.

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