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Voices ring from the

bow of the USS Cole.

Do not forget us

and what we have died for.

The meaning of our death

will be found in the actions

of  both stranger and friend.

Rise above hate, prejudice,


These are the things

that have killed us

and kill all mankind's soul.

Stand for freedom as we have.

Freedom means equality

and equality means justice

and justice means peace.

Learn from those

who have killed us.

Their minds are small.

They live in darkness.

Do not be like them.

But be the light.

Lightness rises

as we have risen

to the Eternal.

There we watch over

you and continue

the work with Goodness

as our guide.

Our ship the

"Determined Warrior"

Will sail again

and we will be its beacon.

Showing it is right

which always wins.

Rise above the darkness

Remembering the USS Cole.

Written by T. Griffith, just an ordinary United States citizen, touched by these young lives.


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T. Griffith,  © Copyright,  All rights Reserved,October 2,000  

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