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Bounce, bounce, up and down, all around.

Spring and sun and rain and shine.

See the water falling gently.

See the sun shining through the water.

It looks like a diamond, it looks like a tear.

See the rainbows, the colors.

It's purple,  it's royal, it's green, it's nature.

It's yellow, it's happy, it's blue, it's sad.

Bounce, bounce, up and down, all around.

kids playing, dogs running, flowers blooming, lovers loving, old people sitting, kids cries, dogs biting, flowers wild, lovers fighting, old people dying.

Bounce, bounce, up and down, all around.

See the truck, the ice cream truck.

All different flavors for you and I,

Chocolate, strawberry, cherry, orange.

See the truck, we missed the truck.

hear the spring, spring a ring-a-dee-ding.

Spring is gone, summer has went , fall is here.

Winter soon to come.

Change is life.

Tracey Griffith 1993


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