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Yoga, a Discipline for Self-Knowledge - All about Yoga and Vedanta. My personal experiences, through 34 years, not only as a disciple but also as a Swami. By Swami Krishnananda Saraswati (Psychology Graduate)English/Spanish

WWW Massage Directory - An extensive collection of links to interesting websites and books on massage and muscular therapy.

Methods Traditional Chinese Medicine Traditional Chinese medicine has more than two thousand years of history. Even its theoretical basis and its diagnostic and therapeutic system are almost completely different from those of conventional medicine in the West countries,

The Kinesiology Institute what is Kinesiology and how can it make you a better therapist? Applied Kinesiology was first developed by George Goodheart, DC in the 1960's. Utilizing techniques from Oriental medicine . . .


Macrobiotics Online  Welcome to Macrobiotics Online, offering you a library of information on the macrobiotic diet, principles and practice,

Acupressure -- Smart Medicine for a Healthier...  Acupressure is a gentle, not invasive form of the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture.

Nikken Very good magnets. Their web site though can be tough loading and not the easiest site to get around. I have a pretty fast computer that helps if you don't I wouldn't even try to get on their website.

Qi Journal: Interactive Acupuncture Chart Very Nice Chart

Massage Touch for Health: Information Re-printed with permission of Massage Magazine

Some good info on acupressure

More links to come . . .

Take a look, Cybergold pays for your attention !!

There is an amazing array of books on Natural Health at and any book you order from my link I earn a small associates fee that helps keep this page and others like it going. Enjoy your search and good health to you.

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