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From Griffith's Catholic Goods


At the start of time for man God created all creatures. The lion laid down with the lamb in the garden of Eden as they watched all the other creatures play and the birds fly. There were all kinds of wonderful birds with an array of colors just like the rainbow. The peacock showed his pretty feathers and the blue-jay's colors were like the ocean waters in the sun. The robin sang and played in the garden but wondered one day why he had not beautiful colors such as many of the others birds that God created. He thought to himself, "God was very busy creating that day maybe He forgot to add my color. I will go back and ask Him thought the robin."

The robin was a meek bird and it took some time for him to go ask God why he didn't have any wonderful color. That maybe God forgot. God smiled as a knowing Father would and said my lovely little bird, "You will one day unlike the others earn your colors and they will mean so much more to you when you do. For sadly you will not always live in Eden. There will be a fall of  humankind and humans will have to leave Eden. In that fall the animal kingdom will have to leave also. From there will come your work to earn your colors. " 

As God had said  so happened. The robin and all the animals were sad to leave Eden but they knew they had their work to do. The Robin went  out and waited for his time to come. He told this story to his children and them to theirs so that one day they would be able to earn their color and please the good God. Time went on and hundreds of years passed. Each generation wondering if they will be the one to earn the color.

Then one day a father robin sitting in his nest with his family  and saw a awful site. One he could hardly bare to look at. For where he had to have his nest was an awful place. A place were Romans crucified hundreds of people. This one Man though had a glow about Him. The robin was very frightened because the crowd yelled and cursed and threw things. The robin , protector of  his family, was afraid they would be hurt. As the man got closer the robin's heart grew more sorrowful because of the cruelty this Man suffered. The Man came up the hill and someone else was carrying His cross as He was far to beaten and tired to make it on His own. The Man, called Jesus, looked at the robin. He had a look of sorrow in His eyes and deep pain, yet great passion and love. The robin saw the thorns around His head. There was one right above the eye of  Jesus that was far worse then any although they all caused great agony.

As the Man got to the place they laid Him down upon the cross. And then with a whack started to enter the nails in His wrists. The robin turned away for he could not bare to see. He was so very scared. "This angry mob of people do they have no compassion?"  the robin thought." The robin could not bare to think of the thorn in God's eye. For the robin knew who this Man was as soon as He look up at the robin in the tree. For the robin saw in His eyes that He was God.

The robin gather all his courage and  told his family how much he loved them for he didn't think he would be able to come back. He fly around a few times until finally he built up his strength and the dashed down at the Man's head on the cross and removed the thorn from above the eye. Jesus gave a look of thanks as drop of blood fell on the robins breast and for then on the robin had a red breast. He earned his red badge of courage.  Then Jesus look at the bird again and said "It is finished."  And on the third day He rose again so all will one day be able to return to the state of which we were first created if they so chose where the lamb and the lion lay down together.

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Praise and Glory be to God. Happy Easter.

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From Griffith's Catholic Goods


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